The first dream I remember

I was about 3 or 4 years old.

In the dream I was walking on a sidewalk with my parents, I was in the middle and they both were holding my hands.

Instead of houses by the sidewalk, there was a long wall, it seemed to be endless and the street wasn’t straight, instead, it was curved.

All of a sudden, I noticed my shoelaces were untied, so I let go of their hands and tried to tie them. I was wearing my favorite shoes at the time, they were pink sneakers with my favorite socks that were white with tiny red hearts and they had lace on the part that goes around the ankle. (I know this is not dream-related, but for some reason this is an important part of this memory for me).

Then, I started to feel anxious because my parents kept walking, they just didn’t wait for me and I wasn’t fast, so they were very far away from me when I looked up. I yelled at them to wait for me, but they didn’t listen. I kept yelling and started to cry when they didn’t even look back.

I woke up crying.

What’s the first dream you remember having?



Image by Nicole’s Classes.



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